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Wisconsin's Own

Filmmakers from Wisconsin make their mark in Hollywood and around the globe. The Wisconsin Film Festival is proud to showcase work from some Wisconsin's most accomplished filmmakers, University of Wisconsin Alumni, and emerging Wisconsin filmmakers.

Wisconsin's Own is a juried competition for the Golden Badger Awards.

For filmmakers with "Wisconsin ties"; this is defined as either:

  • The film was shot primarily or significantly (at least one-third) on location in Wisconsin.
  • One or more of the film's principle creative personnel-director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, lead actor, etc.--must be one of the following: a) Wisconsin native b) former Wisconsin resident for one or more years c) current Wisconsin resident or d) alumnus or currently enrolled in a Wisconsin college or university.

Wisconsin Film Festival is grateful for support from The Great Dane, proud sponsor of Wisconsin's Own and creator of the infamous Juicy Brewski.

And the Golden Badger Award Winners are:


Clarence | Kristin Catalano

Little America | Kurt Raether

The Searcher | Joe Shaffer


Atomic Dream | Derek Lartaud and Melanie Ruiz

Before You | Michael T. Vollmann

Dostoyevsky Behind Bars | Marc Kornblatt


Siszilla | Eric J. Nelson

Gears | Steven Miosku

Loves of a Cyclops | Nathan Punwar

Dear Mr. Watterson | Joel Schroeder


Into the Wake | John Mossman

I Have Always Been a Dreamer | Sabine Gruffat

Glue Man | Joe Pickett

Nindy | Corey Kupfer


Anima Mundi | Katherine Anna Balsley

The Bully | Derek Kimball

Haulin' Ass | Trevor Velin

Instrumental Video Nine | Mike Winkelmann

In the Courtyard of the Beloved | Andreas Burgess, Sadia Shepard

The Mushroom Sessions | Adam Cosco

Figure in Isolation | Kaleb Durocher and Michelle Chrzanowski

Mary and Bill | Andrew Napier

Under The Sun | Emma Petersen


Baraboo | Mary Sweeney

Cooking on the Car | Mike Savage, Dan Dresser, Jason Wussow

Framework | Quinn Hester

The Grapes of Madison | Ben Reiser

Mary's Friend | John Roberts

My Way Home | J.P. Chan

Paddle to Seattle: Journey Through the Inside Passage | JJ Kelley and Josh Thomas

Promiseland | Chele Isaac


Beelin' | Dan WiersGalla

Immortal Cupboard: In Search of Lorine Niedecker | Cathy Cook

Tracks | Josh Rosenberg

Win or Lose: A Summer Camp Story | Louis Lapat


Alaska Far Away | Paul Hill, Joan Juster

The Closing Hour | Grey Gerling

The European Kid | Ian Martin

Madison | Brent Notbohm

Perceval | Tate Bunker

Otto's Day | Ji-Sun O

Passing Through | Jonathan Bothun

Them's Trying Times to be a Canine | Joseph Kraemer


Bone Mixers | Doug Gritzmacher, Mike Dechant

Little Spirits | Cecilia Condit

The Professor's Daughter | Luke R. Pebler

The Untyings | Romi Chiorean, Katherine Leggett

Walk Into Hell/ Purgatorio | Dal Lazlo, Charles Johannsen

Tops | Brian D. Nelson

The Bird of Night | Alan Schoenberg

Black Box | Joe Sacco

The Long Shadow | Chele Isaac

Me and Jean Pierre | Anna Krutzik

Pinmonkey | Tim Ziegler


Triviatown | Patrick Cady and Brit McAdams

Labor's Troubadour | Hope Moskowitz

The Magnificent Donut | Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz

Scream at Me | Lennell Davis

Ornithology | Caroline Kasetelic

The Road That Takes You There Is the Road That Brings You Back | Michele Isaac

In Passing | Adam Wheeler


Lifelike | John Besmer

Small Town Secrets | Katherine Leggett

My Most Important Self-Portrait | James Baray

The Real Dirt On Farmer John | Taggart Siegel

NBT: Never Been Thawed | Sean Anders

One Minute Interview | Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson

Existential Search of a Needle | Fevzi Balli

Blaze Orange | Kevin Kilduff


Interference | Lauren Hollingsworth

Death | Aaron Yonda

Old Night | Molly M. Mann

Not Color Blind, Just Near-sighted | Aaron Greer

I'm Bobby | Xav Leplae

The Adventures of Mad Matt | Scott Rice

Chaza Show Choir | Theresa Columbus, Didier Leplae

Placebo | Diego Costa

Goodbye Milwaukee | Kookhee Choi

No Mutton Huts in Heaven | Brennan Vance

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